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03 October 2013

A sensible solution

Here in the US, we're having a bit of a problem with governance. As best as I can tell, the problem is largely that one party has been hijacked by a group of people who will use any power they can grasp to achieve their political ends, which in this case is the end of funding for many parts of the government, especially (though likely not limited to) "Obamacare".

The problem has a solution, but it's probably not one that most of us would like to see happen: mass political realignment.

The "decent" or "sensible" members of the party currently known as the GOP should dissolve (and frankly, so should the Democrats), and the sensible members, along with a few of the more conservative members of the Democrats, could form a modern party not too different from the Republican party that nominated Bob Dole and the Elder Bush.

John Boehner may choose whichever party he likes, but he can't be speaker anymore. I seriously doubt anyone would vote for him again anyway.

The remaining Democrats could stick together, but they'd likely be more liberal in the near term.

By carving off the rump of fools, things like the debt ceiling and the absence of funding would be solved by the people who realize this is necessary, whether they like the details or not. And the Tea Party could pretend to be a part of the whole thing, just like today.

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